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Investors: Why participate?

  • Discover some of the most promising entrepreneurs from Life Sciences, Information Communications Technologies and Clean technologies;
  • Network with dynamic entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry experts in your field;
  • Present yourself to active International investors and strategic partners;
  • Visibility on the programme website and events’ conference binder';
  • Access to the online business profiles of the participating companies.
Hosting Regions:

    • The Nordic Countries
    • Switzerland & The Netherlands
    • Other EUREKA countries
    Your involvement:


  • Review up to online 4-6 company profiles (2 pages and a PowerPoint each) and rate the applicants based on a predetermined set of criteria;
  • Take an active part in one of the Company Presentation Sessions as a member of the Investor Jury at the Alpine High-tech Venture Forum;
  • Participate in one2one meetings – so that you will have the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs - at the Alpine High-tech Venture Forum.


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